Avaya Telephone System In Dubai


The Avaya Telephone System is business phone system was created with small and medium sized businesses in mind. The overall goal of the system is to allow employees, managers and customers to connect and collaborate with each other in real time, removing any limitations, using whichever modes of communication and devices that they choose, with laptops, home phones, mobiles, smart phones and office phones included in the mix. The system offers a high level of compatibility and users can choose IP, digital, analog or SIP technology in any combination, allowing both flexibility and integration with current equipment to keep costs down.

This futuristic vision is made possible by the IP Office telephone system which delivers tools and services that allow advanced collaboration, from basic telephony functionality through to sophisticated and powerful unified communications. What’s more, the IP Telephony is an ideal choice for new flexible ways of working that are common to more modern businesses, such as utilisation of homeworkers and support of mobile workers. Features are supplied that support specific user roles, from receptionists to customer service staff, from office workers to on-the-road salesmen. The system is also super-flexible, accommodating a company’s needs whether they are a small start-up business or a multi-site national conglomerate.

Whatever industry it is applied to, the system works with the business to increase both business and customer service efficiency, with highly customisable options, a high level of flexibility and full scalability to meet a businesses’ changing needs. Optional features add further functionality to support specific ways of working.

To find out more about the Avaya Telephone System and business telephone systems that could be suitable for your business, get in touch with IP Telephony for free, fast and friendly advice.

Two Technology Solutions With High Demand

In today’s market, the latest technology solutions and services are available to small and medium businesses – once only available only for multi-million dollar companies. The most competent IT consulting firms have years of experience, certified network engineers and technicians, and strategic partnerships that allow them to deliver the best IT solutions for your business.

Two technology solutions with the highest demand are: disaster recovery and network support.

Disaster Recovery

If you are a business owner, or if you run someone else’s business, you know that your company’s data is critical to your success, but it also serves as a competitive advantage to compete in your industry. In today’s fast paced world, it does not suffice to have access to your data from your office. Rather, most businesses require access to these data via mobile devices, apps, or the cloud. What would happen if there is an emergency if you data are lost or cannot be retrieved for an extended period of time?

That is what disaster recovery is about – protecting your data in case of an emergency or retrieving it after a natural or human-induced disaster. Honestly, it is always better to invest in a proven solution because in the long run it is much more affordable and you have peace of mind your business will not go bankrupt due to an IT system failure. For example, in 2008, a study by Gartner Group concluded that 78 percent of businesses went bankrupt within one year after suffering a system failure that lasted more than 48 hours.

Network Support

Technology effectiveness is never guaranteed 100% by technology service providers — everyone knows it will break at some point. Therefore, to avoid a system downtime business owners and managers can designate an employee or an IT firm to monitor their network. Today’s IT service providers are highly sophisticated and can provide network support and maintenance 24×7 so you can sleep well at night.

Beware that some firms may attempt to confound you with buzzwords that you do not understand to sell you higher services that may not be needed. In most occasions, feel free to request a FREE onsite consultation by a certified engineer to gauge their technical capacity and make a more informed decision. In fact, most technology solutions providers will take the time to understand your business needs and goals in order to tailor a solution that delivers and exceeds your expectations. The goal is to allow you to focus on your core business, not your technology.

Enabling More Profits Through Strategic Use of Technology Solutions

There are two types of business owners who consider technology differently:

Type I – “The Gadget Person”

This type of owner embraces technology at most levels. They are considered “early adopters” from a technology point of view. The gadget guys were the first ones to get a Palm Pilot in 1995 and loaded all their contacts on the device. They were excited to set appointments and have electronic reminders beep all day long.

Type II – “Just make it work”

This type of owner proudly proclaims that they know very little to nothing about technology and are content to leave it that way. They were wary of email at first, but have come to rely on it quite a bit.

Both types are passionate about their business and could benefit from strategic application of the right technology solutions.

Understand Your Process

Coupled with technology is “process.” Process is defined as steps required to manufacture your products or the means to provide your services. A clean and efficient process is the key to applying any technology solution successfully. The wrong, or inefficient process, will lead you to spend $100k on an unnecessary system. The efficient process will save you money when implementing technology and should increase your profits. It is vitally important for your business that you examine all your processes BEFORE implementing any technology solution.

If your process is efficient, then applying a technology solution will automate the operation which will properly enable growth. On the flipside, if your process is inefficient, then applying technology will be costly and likely work against itself. Technology for the sake of technology is not going to solve anything. In fact, without the proper process and strategy, you will likely create problems and reduce your margins by applying the wrong technology solution. A technology “solution” should solve something.

A technology solution should meet at least one of the following four criteria:

1. reduce operating expenses

2. automate existing (efficient) processes to enable growth

3. provide an effective means to communicate

4. enable your business to improve its products and/or services

Before the first dime is spent, insure that your examine these criteria.

Mike Echlin is a 20-year technology veteran who has helped many small businesses optimize their use of technology. Technology is an enabler for profits, period.

The Ongoing Progress of a Technology Solution Company

With latest and phenomenal inventions in the software technology, there has been a widespread craze for programs that can achieve great scores and help us in every way possible. And we all term these programs as a software in the computer industry which have been offering a wide range of solutions to companies belonging to every corporate sector. These programs, also known as software technology solutions, have been giving some great insight into business growth and success for an entire spectrum of companies in the global aspects. Software development companies are coming forth with remarkable business technology solutions through their products that are designed to work on organizational problems. They further strive to create ways to overcome them with the option to develop them at a later stage. These companies can introduce the best of modern technology and their business expert intelligence to prepare the perfect combination for various companies in solving their problems.

The indispensable need of IT solutions in UK

In software development, the market of UK is thriving. A number of software development companies are engaged here in the project of defining and designing their stratagems to create a realistic and effective solution that can satisfy all the concerns of their clients. Such projects and ventures has boosted the realm of software solution in UK to a great deal and has facilitated the growth of other small scale development as well. As a result, companies from various parts of the world are investing their money. They have full trust on these software solution companies in the UK and are allocating a specific team to meet their required targets.

Internet technology is perhaps the best example of a highly potential instrument in the growth of software development. The technology keeps progressing here, and people keep asking for more, especially those who are making the most of website services to promote their business. This sphere has a constant upward momentum where the sun never sets. The software solution developers, here, are keeping pace with the demands arising by the companies.

Consequently, a software solution company must possess great knowledge and latest info about the market trends. They should be well equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide versatile solutions for unique business requirements.